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Scammer in the Community

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Feb. 16th, 2017 | 05:56 am
posted by: vande_bot in digimoncollect

Scammer in the community.

This is a heads up for if someone tries to start selling in the collect groups. Please feel free to post this in any other Digimon Collect related group I'm not in/haven't posted this in.

I sold some cards to a guy called William Lim (pheiween@hotmail.com) via WtW. They did seem to go missing for a while (as per the tracking number). So a refund was given and an agreement made on WtW that if the cards arrived, he would send the money again. The cards arrived on 31/01/17 and he has not paid up. He's now stating he didn't sign for them. I have a letter from Royal Mail confirming delivery and can see
it on both the UPS and Royal Mail sites that it was delivered to his home address.

Therefore, do not sell to this guy as he will try and scam you. He is now also banned from WtW. He also sells on ebay as pkkhase0

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