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Please help to identify this item and its worth

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 | 07:11 pm
posted by: britt_san in digimoncollect

Hey everyone!

I recently received this as a gift from a collector friend who says he can't remember where he got it, and has no idea what it is worth. I was hoping to identify what exactly it is, and how much it would be worth.

This item is inflatable and what looks to be a promotional possibly advertising toy. It is dated 2000 on the bottom, which I believe is the year that they brought out the hologram square tazos (?) in the chip packets in Australia. I am assuming that this was for advertisement, as it has hanging hooks.
It is also quite large, I'd say nearly a metre in length.

If you know what this is/what it is worth, or even what you would pay to have this in your collection - I don't think I'll be selling it just quite yet though - please let me know!

Thank you! :)


(I'm not too sure if the pictures posted, so if not, I'll add them straight away.)

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