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Looking to buy Digimon Metal Figures!

Jan. 30th, 2017 | 05:30 pm
posted by: mawific in digimoncollect

Hello everyone!

I just got a package in and it's got me looking for more Digis to collect! I'm looking for the Metal Figures Vol 1 and 2 (デジモン メタル フィギュア). If you have any you'd like to sell that aren't in the pictures below, please contact me! I'd prefer to have the cases/digivices that go with them, too, but am open to making them share their homes. <3

This is what they look like! <3

Thank you!

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Please help to identify this item and its worth

Jan. 23rd, 2017 | 07:11 pm
posted by: britt_san in digimoncollect

Hey everyone!

I recently received this as a gift from a collector friend who says he can't remember where he got it, and has no idea what it is worth. I was hoping to identify what exactly it is, and how much it would be worth.

This item is inflatable and what looks to be a promotional possibly advertising toy. It is dated 2000 on the bottom, which I believe is the year that they brought out the hologram square tazos (?) in the chip packets in Australia. I am assuming that this was for advertisement, as it has hanging hooks.
It is also quite large, I'd say nearly a metre in length.

If you know what this is/what it is worth, or even what you would pay to have this in your collection - I don't think I'll be selling it just quite yet though - please let me know!

Thank you! :)


(I'm not too sure if the pictures posted, so if not, I'll add them straight away.)

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I've got a Tsunomon plush up for auction!

Jan. 13th, 2017 | 01:39 am
posted by: vanillabit in digimoncollect

Link to listing here!  

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Digimon beanies FOR SALE

Dec. 20th, 2016 | 09:16 pm
posted by: ishtaryasha in digimoncollect

I have some extra beanies for sale I hope they can find a lovely home!

I can ship them worldwide, allways with tracking
Ask me for details if interested
I take Paypal

Patamon 1: Veeery loved, a little hole under the right eye. 30 euro
Patamon 2: Very good state, cute!! 50 euro
Hawkmon: Good state. 40 euro
Veemon: Good state, 50 euro
Biyomon: Loved but in good state. 40 euro

Send me a message or comment!

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ISO- Beanie Plush and Commission Artist

Nov. 27th, 2016 | 10:00 am
posted by: superfluousmeg in digimoncollect


I'm looking for a recommendation for someone who can make a plush. I'd like to commission a guilmon with his bread. Would prefer a cute style similar to the old beanie plush, preferably in minky. Desired size is roughly 6" high.

Idealy looking for this by Christmas, but later would be fine. Any recommendations of excellent plush artists would be greatly appreciated!

I'm also looking to purchase the old beanie style plush of the following: Pegasusmon, Salamon, Tokomon, Impmon, Veenon, Demiveemon, Flamedramon, Tanomon. Please let me know if you have or see any for sale.

Thanks in advance :)

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Collection Sales

Nov. 21st, 2016 | 06:39 pm
posted by: zudosmash in digimoncollect

Selling off a few of my favourite items as I am getting out of collecting for the time being. Some things have come up recently and made me re-evaluate my collecting as of late. Metalgarurumon and Weregarurumon are both fully tagged.

Please let me know if you are interested in something. I will only ship with tracking to ensure safe delivery for both of us. Please note I am in Canada.

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Oct. 30th, 2016 | 11:06 pm
posted by: yellowmudkip in digimoncollect

I've joined this community years ago, but never got around to an into post until now. Whelp, better late then never. XD

Hello everyone, I'm Maggie. I'm 27, and I've loved Digimon since I was 11. I got into it when it first premiered on Fox kids years ago. I really got into it when season 2 started, and fell in love with Davis and Veemon's antics, so I have a small collection of veemon related stuff. My collection is rather small, and I hope to expand a bit on it, since I do have a few growing wants, thanks to Digimon Adventure Tri. My collection will be centered a bit around Veemon and three of his digivolutions: Demiveemon, Flamedramon, and Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. I also like to obtain the rest of the digimon digi-pal beanies.

I also have a Digimon section in my collection site, which includes other things not featured in this post, mostly flat items, if you'd like to check it out!

Well, now here's pics of my small collection, with the deets down after the cut!


Digimon collection activate!Collapse )


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Seeking Crest Set for a Friend!!

Oct. 13th, 2016 | 08:38 pm
posted by: linttastic in digimoncollect

Hey guys back again!! I already have a set myself, but I wanted to find one of these for my friend!

I see them going for 140-170 on Ebay and I'm not sure if that's a fair price or not??
Any tips, guys?? I don't want to pay that much, even if it's for a friend ^^' Anywhere else to look for a cheaper price?? Thanks guys!!

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[SALES] KING OF SYSTEM Karaoke + Cinema / Theatre + Part 1 & 2 Ikebukuro P'PARCO Merchandise

Oct. 5th, 2016 | 07:30 am
posted by: kandiii in digimoncollect

Hi! I'm selling the following (and I ship everywhere):

*UPDATED 17 OCT* KING OF SYSTEM + Cinema/Theatre Exclusives (Badges/Keychains/Coasters/Charms/Clear Files) - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/3269.html

*UPDATED 17 OCT* Limited Shop Part 1 & 2 at Ikebukuro P'PARCO (Badges/Keychains/Clear Files/Tote Bags/T-Shirts/Tsum Tsums) - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/3515.html

*UPDATED 17 OCT* Digimon Badges/Keychains/Cell Phone Straps/Stickers - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2427.html

*UPDATED 17 OCT* Digimon Blu-rays/Clear Files/Plush Toys/Towels - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/3005.html

Digimon Watches/Posters - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2219.html

Digimon Doujinshi - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2802.html

All prices are in Australian dollars. As an example for reference, AUD $25 is USD $19. My feedback can be found here. Permission to sell in this community has been granted by shindkrow.

Cheers! =)

(NOTE: I am having problems with LiveJournal NOT sending me e-mail notifications at all . . . so if I take a while to respond to you, that's why! Sorry.)

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Super clear out!! (Just added, limited Parco 2nd can badges!!) *updated*

Sep. 30th, 2016 | 06:22 am
posted by: shindkrow in digimoncollect

Hey all. Gotta clear out some stuff!


Phone pouch - $15
Small tote - $10
McDs plush nip - $5
Friends plush - $15
Large banpresto - $30
Face cloth - $10
Official prize plush - $15
Gabumon top - $5
Yamato plush - $15
Gabu bottle chain - $8
Pencil topper - $5
Gabu pencil bag - $40
Movie 1 cloth towel - $20
Digimon Movie film strips - $3 each
(Availible: omimon, Taichis mom, diaboromon, Taichi w/explosion, omnimon 2 (wargreymon side prominent), metalgarurumon and omnimon, movie logo) *buy lot for $15

Prices negotiable!!
Paypal only.
Shipping not included.
Discounts for large purchases.


Hikari, Koushiro Parco Can Badges TRADED
Hikari Karaoke Acrylic Keychain SOLD
Meiko Can Badge PENDING

Prices on these are not negotiable.
All others in red are SOLD.
Items in blue are NFS!!
Paypal only.
Shipping IS included (US only, can ship international).
Discounts for large purchases; can combine with items from my clear out lot.

Please view my wishlist here.

Shipping update: All items will be shipped by 10.21! There was a delay because I couldn't print labels (no ink) but my printer is up and running now. Please contact me with any concerns! :)

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