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ISO- Beanie Plush and Commission Artist

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Nov. 27th, 2016 | 10:00 am
posted by: superfluousmeg in digimoncollect


I'm looking for a recommendation for someone who can make a plush. I'd like to commission a guilmon with his bread. Would prefer a cute style similar to the old beanie plush, preferably in minky. Desired size is roughly 6" high.

Idealy looking for this by Christmas, but later would be fine. Any recommendations of excellent plush artists would be greatly appreciated!

I'm also looking to purchase the old beanie style plush of the following: Pegasusmon, Salamon, Tokomon, Impmon, Veenon, Demiveemon, Flamedramon, Tanomon. Please let me know if you have or see any for sale.

Thanks in advance :)

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